Start at the top.
Then work your way up.


Innovate. Disrupt.
Turn Information Security on its




with IBM, SAP, Symantec, McAfee…


Only one thing is more strategic
to us than our Product.

Our Culture.


Innovate. Create. Delight. Disrupt.
Here are some brave hearts disrupting the world of Information Security.


- Amber

“Seclore’s value proposition is simple enough to explain to my
grandmother and yet impactful enough for security experts to take
notice. I love talking to people and Seclore’s. unique solutions give
me yet another reason to do so. That’s what makes my job so exciting!

At Seclore, we love what we do, and it shows in the strong
relationships and ecosystem we have built with our customers
and partners.”

Sr. Business Development Executive

- Nipun

“A unique technology calls for unique selling and consulting skills,
and you get to develop just that at Seclore. The drive and passion
here are so contagious that you catch it from the environment
around you. People get a great platform to apply their skills and
knowledge - and tremendous opportunities to excel in all aspects
of their work."

Business Solution Strategist

- Ashwin

“Seclore’s product may appear simple but its technology
is not. It forces you to think like a hacker. What I also love about
Seclore is the environment that it provides. I have immense
opportunities to take ownership. And I never have to worry
about anything else - just deliver great work and you will be
recognized. It’s very fulfilling!”

Lead Quality Engineer

- Sumit

“I have been part of Seclore since its inception - and
I must say that my experience has been truly fantastic!
Along with the opportunity to work with some of the smartest
and most creative people on the planet, Seclore provides
me full flexibility to innovate and explore. As clichéd as it
sounds, for me, Seclore is a 'home away from home'!”

Product Architect

- Kapil

“Seclore is a place that lets you grow while you are aiding
its growth. I have been associated with Seclore for more than
4 years now. Seclore is like an extended family and shares an
exceptional camaraderie and bond that is unique in itself.
What I enjoy most is that I'm constantly learning new skills - both
technical and interpersonal. You really won’t know what you’re
missing until you experience it yourself!”

Lead Product Engineer

- Drew

“Seclore’s offering is so unique, it has a magical effect on
people hearing about it for the first time. I love talking about
our product to see the ‘WOW effect’ in prospects’ eyes.
It’s great to be finally working on a unique product that has
the potential to truly disrupt the entire Information
Security industry. If you’ve sold standard run-of-the-mill
products before, you are in for a treat.”

Lead Development Specialist

Values – SPICE IT UP  up-arrow

Our values SPICE it up for us. They define who we are – and add SPICE to our lives!


Spreading Positivity

Passion for People


Customer Success

Entrepreneurial Spirit


Spreading Positivity

For us, it’s the attitude that makes all the difference.
We have a ‘can do’ and ‘will do’ attitude to work,
and Seclore is a place where Out-of-The-Box
Thinking is followed by Out-of-The-Box Doing.


Passion for People

Life is a celebration and we do loads of it: our success,
our mistakes, our achievements, and our birthdays.
We have open minds and open doors… and probably
an open bottle of whisky lying around somewhere…



If there’s one thing that is integral to our work
culture – it’s integrity. Each one of us is personally
accountable for the highest standards of behavior,
including honesty, commitment, and fairness.


Customer Focus

Our customers’ success is our success.
Securing the best business benefits for
our customers is what makes our world
go round.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Every Seclorite is an entrepreneur. We continuously
push the boundaries of innovation and find new ways
to add value to customers and stakeholders. For us,
entrepreneurship is about give and take. Taking initiative,
taking ownership, and taking calculated risks. And then
giving the best product to our customers and the community.

Know Us

Many teams. One mission.
Shaping the future of Information Security.

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Product Engineering

This is where magic happens. We love various technologies and languages - but are
not married to any one of them in particular. We dissect everything - from OS kernels
to desktop applications to mobile platforms to the latest UI paradigms.
Here is how it goes:

Enough said.

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System Integration

Seclore FileSecure is considered the most integration friendly Rights Management
System in the world – and we’re the team that makes it happen!

We are the glue that connects Seclore’s technology with some of the world leading
products – from SAP NetWeaver to IBM FileNet to Microsoft SharePoint to Symantec
DLP and host of others. We build products on top of Seclore’s products…by
connecting the dots. We pick a product, understand it, and then sprinkle it with that
special Seclore magic dust (i.e. our APIs and connectors) to enable it to achieve
world-class document security capabilities.

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Customer Success

For us, a customer is forever.

Years of consulting experience in delivering industry-specific solutions can only
go so far. It’s the direct connection with end users and their needs that really makes
the difference. We help our customers derive the most out of Seclore products and
solutions. Our journey starts when a customer signs up – and our job is to make that
journey last till eternity.

In fact, customers for us become more valuable with time. Just like a diamond.

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Customer Support

Customers are the center of our world, and Seclore Support is what makes
it go round!

We understand our product and we understand our customers. We strive to
provide a delightful experience and help customers make the most out of our
products. We are the eyes and ears for the organization and our product team in
particular. We serve customers around the globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Product Management

We dream big and make people believe in our dreams – Engineering, Marketing,
customers, and partners. And then we work with Product Engineering to define,
plan, polish, and deliver these dreams - and help Marketing and Sales sell them.
We’re always here to hear our customers’ problems and not just solve them – but
convert them into opportunities. We watch our competitors better than we watch
our girlfriends – and better than some girlfriends watch their waistlines.

After all, being a market leader doesn’t come easy. Our idea of great product is -
Usability First. And alcohol second - once you’re done with the release.

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Marketing is where we determine how and where we are going to sell our product.
It’s where the creative junkies like to hang out! What makes us tick is making the
website cool, driving great email open rates, creating the perfect infographic,
maximizing conversation rates for our search engine marketing campaigns, and
composing the ideal sales deck. We are all about product positioning, great
Go To Market plans, and delivering meaningful leads to the sales team.

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Have you ever sold a security system to a business user?

Sales at Seclore involves not just selling the product but selling the concept of
next-generation Rights Management. Selling a whole new way of thinking about
Information Security. It is as much about understanding psychology as it is about
understanding the market. After all, as a wise salesman once said, if you can sell
a mindset, your product will sell itself.

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Listening to prospects. Planning solutions. Strategizing sales pursuits.
Articulating value propositions. Handling objections.

In Presales, we’ve always set ‘Sale’ for the high seas. We work closely with
Sales and deliver all possible technical help to prospective customers globally –
from a mid-size manufacturer in Asia Pacific to a Fortune 500 conglomerate in
North America.

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Product Support Group

We do everything technical - except writing code.

We are the center of excellence and the technology evangelists for software
systems. We love exploring new products and technologies with the same passion
that we explored new video games as kids (and still do, in fact). We help Product
Engineering upgrade to new platforms. We are the last line of defence when it
comes to resolving customer problems. From complex server configurations to
deep end-point issues, we solve all kind of technical challenges.

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Sales keeps our books ticking – and we keep them in order and compliant.
And Seclore’s global presence adds a further challenge. From regulatory
compliance to cost optimization to reporting to double taxation avoidance
agreements - we take care of it all. We manage and control the finances of
the company, and advise on strategies to ensure that they stay healthy!

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IT Infrastructure

Seclore has its customers. And we have ours. Just one in fact – the most demanding
and tech savvy of them all – Seclore!

Seclore is sprinting - and we ensure that it has the right gear to win. We manage the
entire infrastructure backbone; from on-premise virtualized servers to a VDI setup for
development teams to cloud infrastructure, we’ve got it covered.

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HR and Administration

Life and business at Seclore revolves around three Ps: People, People,
and People. We manage a key link for company success: that between people
and performance. We strive to maximize both employee productivity and the
pursuit of company goals. We champion change and advocate employee needs.
We make it possible for employees to treat their workplace like a second home.
The Seclore community is like a global village where everyone can eat, drink, and
be merry. And do productive work while they’re at it.
And we also scout for bright talent - like yours!

Current Openings

A disruptive product needs disruptive thinking. And that needs disruptive people.
If you’d like to revolutionize Information Security, check out our open positions below.


Below you’ll find answers to an array of frequently asked questions about Seclore’s job application process.

Yes, Seclore hires engineering graduates from IT, Computer Science, Electronics, and Electronics and Telecommunication streams, as well MBA, MMS, and PGDM post graduates from reputed institutions.
Yes, you can apply by sending your updated profile to career@seclore.com. We would contact you if you are applicable and initiate the evaluation process.
Yes, we offer internships to engineering and MBA students based on requirements.
You can share your profile to career@seclore.com and you will receive an automated email acknowledging its receipt.
We’re always on the lookout for talented people; you can reach out to us at career@seclore.com.
Yes! Feel free to apply for any vacancy that you have the required experience and qualification for.
We appreciate everyone’s time and application, but only those applicants whose profiles get shortlisted will be contacted.
No, our opportunities are only open to those who have completed their graduation.
We value the diversity of our workforce. We provide extensive support to new staff and their families for settling in the city as smoothly as possible. And we also offer relocation assistance in accordance with our relocation policy.
The recruiter will generally tell you when you can expect to hear a result. In general, you will receive a reply from us within 2 weeks, although this may differ depending on the region.
Seclore uses the same recruitment process in all its offices around the world. You should first consult one of our recruitment advertisements or find us on the internet. Follow indicated submission instructions to ensure your application will be received by our Human Resources department. Once received, we review all application materials and decide whether an interview is needed. Depending on the country, an aptitude test and other form of evaluation may also be part of the application process.
Seclore is a global organisation that continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Joining our company offers you great learning opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Also, as the company grows, you will also be encouraged to further develop and enhance your own skills. Performance-based variables and incentives are offered according to individual performance results.

Yes, you can. Seclore is a global company, and we serve our clients through our global delivery model. If you meet the necessary local regulatory requirements, feel free to apply for positions across geographies.
Yes, we conduct thorough background verification for our new hires which includes validation of educational qualifications, previous employment details, and reference checks. We also verify that applicants being considered do not have a criminal record.
To complete the formalities, you will need to confirm acceptance of our offer so that we can initiate your onboarding process. Depending on your geographical location, you will be required to furnish appropriate documentation. Feel free to contact the recruiter who has been helping you with the hiring process for additional information.
If there is an open position that matches your interests and skillset, you can reapply at any time. The process is the same regardless of your having worked at Seclore before.
Seclore does not discriminate on grounds of ethnicity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age or disability at any stage of the recruitment process or during employment.
Please contact the team at career@seclore.com with your specific requirements and we’ll get in touch.
We recommend that you apply online for positions that interest you. Your information will be immediately available to the recruiter and will be accessible by all Seclore’s recruiters worldwide.
Irrespective of the role and function, clearing an aptitude test is mandatory for each position. This is followed by different sets of technical tests, logical problem-solving tests, and interviews.
That depends where you were in the process. We would be able to give feedback after interviews, but not after the CV screening stage, as we receive a very high number of applications.
Yes, you can reapply after a year from the date of your interview.
Yes, you can definitely apply for an opening if you are interested in Seclore. We hire people across all locations.
We will take care of your travel arrangement if you are coming down for the final round of interviews – or you will be reimbursed.
One of the best places to find out about employment opportunities is the ‘Join Us’ section of our website’s Career page. Other methods include: internet job boards, LinkedIn etc.
Minimum qualifications vary according to the position and are posted on our website. Each announcement summarizes the qualification requirements for the position announced.
Depending on the geographical location and position—in addition to a competitive base salary—your benefits may include:
• Annual Incentive Plan
• Healthcare Benefits (medical, dental, and vision)
• Employee Stock Option plans
• Worker’s Compensation
• 401(k) plan
Although not always required, international experience is a competitive advantage.
Sure! We always like to hear from interested and talented people – vacancy or no vacancy. Simply upload your CV and enter the required details. We’ll get back to you as soon as we have something that suits your profile.
Yes. You can apply for multiple positions, as long as you meet the basic qualifications.
Yes. For all professional level new hires, we have a structured global onboarding program to ensure that you have the tools, information, and knowledge necessary to complete your first three months of employment. An individualized orientation and training program will further familiarize you with the company, the product, and everything else you need to start a successful career at Seclore.
Yes. If you are successful in your application, we will assist you with all the necessary paperwork to ensure you have the correct documentation for working in the Middle East or USA.